Nov 18, 2006

Milk Facts

The average American cow can make 5,792 quarts of milk a year, enough to keep more than 60 people supplied with milk to drink all year.

It takes about 350 squirts for each gallon of milk from a cow.

A gallon of milk weighs 8.59 lbs
It takes 21.2 lbs. whole milk or 2.46 gallons to make a pound of butter.

It takes 10.0 lbs. whole milk or 1.16 gallons to make a pound of cheese.

It takes 12.0 lbs. whole milk or 1.39 gallons to make a gallon of Ice Cream.

65% of the milk produced in the U.S. and Canada is made into dairy products while 35% is consumed as milk or cream. North Americans eat almost one-third of their milk in the form of cheese.

Homogenization is the pushing of raw milk through an atomizer to form tiny particles so that the fat is dispersed evenly throughout the liquid, thereby stopping fat from floating to the top of the container and forming cream.

The French eat more cheese than any other people in the world. On average, each Frenchman eats 43 pounds of cheese per year -- almost twice the amount eaten by North America

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Julie said...

My boy friend is French and after each meal, his family brings out a selection of atleast 4 cheeses, regardless of the quantity of the meal eaten, to be eaten with a fresh baguette. Even their dogs snack on cheese!