Nov 26, 2007

Brussels Sprouts : How To Choose

Good quality Brussels sprouts should be bright green, without yellowing or discoloration, and have a firm texture.

The butt end may be slightly discolored, but should not be dark.

Brussels sprouts should be sweet and mild in flavor when cooked. Bitterness varies among cultivars and is associated with high concentrations of specific glucosinolates (sinigrin and progoitrin). Bitterness can also be induced by storage conditions.

Brussels Sprouts: Preparing and Cooking

Thoroughly soak in cold water and drain before using. Remove any discoloured or damaged outer leaves and trim stem ends. Scoring lightly with an "X" will promote even cooking.

They may be steamed, boiled, microwaved or stir-fried. Don't cook too long - it's important to stop the cooking process before you can detect a sulphurous smell.

You can also cream them, serve with melted butter and splash of lemon juice, or enhance with almonds, buttered bread crumbs or a cheese sauce.

Combining Brussels sprouts with chestnuts alongside turkey is a holiday favorite in England.

Brussels sprouts can also be included in vegetable soups, stir-frys and, grated raw, in salads.

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