Dec 26, 2006

Coffee Roasts

American (regular) roast: beans are medium-roasted, resulting in a moderate brew, not too light or too heavy in flavor.

• Viennese roast: one-third heavy-roast beans blended with two-thirds regular-roast.

• European roast: two-thirds heavy-roast beans blended with one-third regular-roast.

• French roast: heavily-roasted beans, a deep chocolate brown which produce a stronger coffee.

• Italian roast: glossy, brown-black, strongly flavored, used for espresso.

• Decaffeinated coffee: caffeine is removed from the beans before roasting via the use of a chemical solvent (which disappears completely when the beans are roasted) or the Swiss water process which steams the beans and then scrapes off the caffeine-laden outer layers.

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