Oct 12, 2006


October is apple month at lookin at cookin. In honor of that fruit we will run a series of postings about the apple.

Apple 1

We're talking about the royal family of vegetables here; the Rosaceae which includes the Rose, the Queen of all flowers and the Apple the king of all fruits. Just like the Rose has been used to symbolize all flowers, the Apple has often symbolized all fruits.

Biblical legend has it that in the Garden Of Eden the serpent gave Eve the Apple with which she tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Thus it appears that the Apple has gotten a bit of a bad rap from day one. Such is not the case.

The Bible does not state that it was an Apple, simply that it was a fruit. So maybe it was an eggplant, a potato or even a baseball that was responsible for man's full from grace.

As a matter of fact maybe the original evildoer were wasn't even a serpent. Maybe he was a lawyer.

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