Oct 18, 2006

By L Veltman

The legend says that once Adam succumbed to the wiles of the wily Eve
and bit from the apple of which she took the first bite, a piece stuck in his
throat thus forming that lump that we call the Adam's apple.

Shame, man! Shame! Men have ever since been doomed to prominently
display this mark of their “fall”. That's what we would call a folk anatomy.

Scientifically this encumbrance of the neck, most prominent during
adolescence, is the anterior thyroid cartilage of the larynx. But old-time
anatomists, all the way through the mid-18th century, perpetuated the
myth since they could find no other explanation for this weird lump that seemed
to move up and down.

It was St. Jerome, in the fourth century, who first claimed that the Apple
was the forbidden fruit in question in Paradise.

This belief was perpetuated all the way to John Milton who claimed that it
was the carnal desire enflaming qualities of the innocent Apple that caused
Adam to cast lascivious eyes upon Eve.

Maybe that's where the phrase: got a lump in his throat comes from. In
any case is unlikely that he Apple has this lustful effect. The passion fruit
seems a more likely candidate.

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