Oct 8, 2006

Apple Pie Notes

Some History

Apple pie traces its origins to England at the time of Chaucer. Contemporary recipes list the ingredients as good apples, good spices, figs, saffron, cloves, cinnamon raisins and pears. The missing modern ingredient is sugar. No one really knows why but there theories that range from the expense of Egyptian cane sugar to the medieval English lacking a sweet tooth.


Apple Pie – A very independent and forgotten movie - (1976)

A gangster relates the story of how he started his life of crime, beginning when as a child he faked his own kidnapping in order to get money from his parents for the "ransom". However, it turns out that the "gangster" may not be exactly what he seems.

What Imdb says about the film.


Apple Pie a la Mode – refers to apple pie served with a scoop of ice cream (usually vanilla) on top.

How Apple Pie a la Mode go it name.

According to the historians of the Cambridge Hotel in Washington County New York, Professor Charles Watson Townsend, dined regularly at the Cambridge Hotel during the mid 1890's.

He often ordered ice cream with his apple pie. A diner seated next to him, asked what it was called. He said it didn’t have a name, and she promptly dubbed it Pie a la mode.

Townsend liked the name so much he asked for it each day by that name.

When Townsend visited the famous Delmonico Restaurant in New York City, he asked for pie a la mode.

When the waiter proclaimed he never heard of it, Townsend chastised him and the manager, and was quoted as saying; "Do you mean to tell me that so famous an eating place as Delmonico's has never heard of Pie a la Mode, when the Hotel Cambridge, up in the village of Cambridge, NY serves it every day? Call the manager at once, I demand as good serve here as I get in Cambridge."

The following day it became a regular at Delmonico and a resulting story in the New York Sun (a reporter was listening to the whole conversation) made it a country favorite with the publicity that ensued.

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